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First, we’d like to thank all of our Valued Customers for keeping us so busy! We truly appreciate your business!

Now, for a helpful tip–>

We have noticed an increase in leaks coming through ceilings from the above bathrooms. Many of these leaks are plumbing related due to leaking toilets or drain issues. However, we are also finding many “kids” bathrooms are leaking due to over splash and cracked grout lines.

Kids splashing around in the tub or shower and leaving water on the floor causing it to seep through. Even the smallest amount of water can make its way through cracking grout and travel to the floor below leaving the impression of a leak. On the same note, also check your trim plate on the shower valve. Is it sealed and flush to the surface? Water leaking by through the trim plate can cause this same impression of a leak. Water will always find a way!

Of course, we are always happy to come out to investigate! If you watch out for the grout, a tube of silicone can save you a service call.

UPDATE! 8/12/20 Just days after posting this article, we received another leak through the ceiling call. After investigating and finding the cause, I just had to share with you! The cause? A dog’s water bowl. Yes, that’s right, I said a dog bowl! The dog’s water bowl had spilled or splashed over onto the floor and the water made it’s way down through to the ceiling below. To reiterate, water will always find a way! The source just may not be what you think!

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