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Dustin Griffin reached out to Briana Smith of Spectrum News on how crucial plumbers are to the nation’s health and how plumbing is not as emphasized in the media as other fields especially during the current Covid pandemic. We’re grateful Briana took an interest in the story and our industry so we can call attention to the many unknown services the plumbing field has to offer and how it directly relates to public health.

Briana followed us to our customer last week in Chittenango, NY where we performed jetting service for Clearpath for Veterans. Some of the topics discussed included PPE shortages, entering homes with known Covid cases to perform repairs, cleaning and repairing sewers and how plumbers are behind the scenes in hospitals replacing water heaters and installing Med Gas which is probably the biggest overlooked plumbing installation. Even fire hydrants are installed by plumbers!

The story is set to air this Friday March 5th at 5pm. We’re excited for this opportunity to highlight our industry and its essential role to public health.

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