Master Lic. 19-02 Rome
Master Lic. 117 Fulton

Our very own master plumber, Dustin Griffin, is also a master mason and current member of the Free and Accepted Mason’s Rising Light Lodge #506 located at 8103 County Rt75 in Belleville, NY.

Dustin and The Team donated time and materials to upgrade the domestic water system at the historic Masonic Hall. The old church was converted into the Masonic Temple in the late 1930’s just weeks before the old temple burned down. The original American organ that was installed around 1836 still works today!

In 2019, the Rodman lodge merged with Belleville due to a drop in membership. The hall is a meeting place for the 67 members of the Rising Light Lodge #506 as well as members of The Order of the Eastern Star and Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) a fitness group.

We were honored to give this historic building some much needed TLC for the groups that call it home.

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